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PCI DSS Certification: Why do enterprises need to be in conformity to it?


In the last years we have noticed an acceleration in digital transformation of enterprises. Change in consumer behaviour has been one of the major responsible causes for that and for the way with which entrepreneurs came to manage and develop their business.

The annual report Future of Commerce by Shopify shows that in 2020 e-commerce had the same growth as that projected for a decade; this required that enterprises rapidly adapted to the use of new technologies. One of the major concerns for those who have an online business today is guaranteeing data security, which demands investments and adaptation, mainly because consumers have been searching for more agile and secure processes.

With that, one doubt emerges: Do customers feel really safe making online payments? According to the report by Shopify, which analysed eleven countries, 62% of consumers say they are comfortable in shopping online with digital payments, though offering security to customers is not an easy thing and requires adequacy from enterprises.

What PCI DSS Certification is

Keeping data secured is as important to enterprises as to customers. Qriar Tecnologia, one of the startups we invest in, is specialized in cybersecurity solutions for various segments. PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry | Data Security Standard, is the main security certification in digital environments of the world; it comprehends all areas related to the use of online payments. All enterprises which work with internet sales, which process and store card data, need that certification.

The PCI DSS Council was created in 2006 by the major card brands: American Express, Discover, JCB International, Mastercard and Visa - in order to reduce frauds involving online transactions with cards. Enterprises which are not in conformity with the PCI rules, besides exposing customers to risks, might also be disaccredited by the brands, causing great impact on sales.

To be adequate to the PCI DSS is to guarantee that data leakage is significantly reduced, which means security for both parties and good financial returns for the enterprise. Qriar Tecnologia develops projects focused on aiding organizations to become apt to be audited and certified.

How to be in conformity to the PCI

The first step to acquire the certification is understanding at which level the enterprise is fit so as to fulfil the requirements established by the Council. There are four levels which are based on the volume of card transactions made during a year:

1st Level: Enterprises making more than 6 million transactions;

2nd Level: Enterprises making 1 million to 6 million transactions;

3rd Level: Enterprises making 20,000 to 1 million transactions;

4th Level: Enterprises making less than 20,000 transactions.

Qriar helps enterprises at all stages of the process of adequation, which requires effort and dedication in the period preceding the audit and also a constant diligence so as to keep the certification. In order to attain the required level for approval it is necessary the implementation of technological controls which demand expertise in various domains of information security. Qriar has experience and knowledge in implementing the necessary technological controls so as to raise the level of information security up to the rigour required by the PCI DSS.

Solutions for adequation

For implementation of necessary technological controls to attend to the PCI DSS requirements in various domains of the certification, Qriar works with different solutions which raise the native security capability of operating systems up to the maximum level required.

All systems which manipulate card data or implement technological controls generate an immense quantity of information during their functioning. With Qriar solutions, systems are protected in every moment, even when vulnerabilities are detected. It is also possible to guarantee that customer information is accessed only by authorized agents, in order to restrict access of privileged users, applying resources on the categories of Operating System, Web and Databank.

Benefits of solutions by Qriar:

- Builds and keeps secure network and systems;

- Protects cardholder data;

- Keeps a vulnerability management program;

- Restricts access to user data;

- Identifies and authenticates access to system components;

- Regularly monitors and tests identities, accesses and audits.

Digital security beyond payments

Data publicized by Fortinet Threat Intelligence indicate that in 2020 more than 8.4 billion attempts of cybernetic attacks were registered in Brazil; besides the great volume, the degree of sophistication of invasions also worries organizations.

Cybersecurity is the key to protection. We are all susceptible to data violation and investing in cybernetic security means diminishing attacks and losses. Qriar Tecnologia is focused on development of cybersecurity solutions and has a team of specialists with experience in national and international projects, in order to attend the necessities of each business with the best practices of the market. Learn more solutions by Qriar at www.qriar.com.

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