2Future is a future capital firm

That means we invest in people and ideas destined to transform the future

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Our mission is to back early and mid-stage companies that are crafting solutions to humanity's biggest challenges

Everything we do impacts

We believe in the power of entrepreneurs to generate well-being and real positive impact, for society and the planet, through innovative businesses in technology, health, lifestyle and environmental protection.

Without daring entrepreneurs, there is no innovation

That's why we have established a community of changemakers that think and build extraordinary things every day.

Together we are creating an ecosystem that shapes the future

Through our global network, we connect purpose-driven investors, technology makers, positive impact experts and visionary entrepreneurs so that unique, breakthrough ideas can improve the world and human life.

Forward Thinking

Our wish is to leverage people with transformative ideas and ensure there is a thriving and abundant future as we envision it.

We want people to make a positive impact on the world.
We are proud to inspire transformation and to be a part of this story. 
We take a long view on human relationships being essential in this journey.
We take on the responsibility of building the world we want to live in.
And we look for great opportunities to make a meaningful, positive difference in people's lives.