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If you could leave a message for the future generations, what would it be?


This is a complex question. The truth is at some point in life all of us, sooner or later, wonder what legacy our existence will leave on this planet. Which footprint will be marked, the trace of what we once were.

It is part of human nature. Deep down, we all feel that our lives cannot be summed up by playing, studying, growing, working. We often feel trapped in the routine of the society we live in. Overloaded by everyday tasks and social obligations, days are endless. Weeks become months, months become years and we barely realize: the presence of time.

How to think about the future?

Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky has a famous statement about the role of the educator in society. According to him, the environment influences man and man influences, shapes and transforms the environment.

It is a two-way street: receiving and contributing. It is impossible to make money for money. A work routine without a greater goal of ensuring a return to society is a sad routine. We need to have purpose in what we do.

This word is very present in the studies that writer Emily Estafahani Smith has done for years. In her most famous book, The power of meaning: Crafting a life that matters, she cites the importance of having a purpose.

Having a purpose is not so much about what you get, it's more about what you do for others. Some may look at a restaurant and say its purpose is to serve food. But who sees purpose, can look at the same restaurant and say that his purpose is to generate good memories and moments around a table.

Companies are agents of change

By applying this reasoning in the business environment, it is easy to see how institutions are raising flags and working toward causes. We are in an age where making money for money is unsustainable. It is not part of who we are.

A survey by Edelman Earned Brand shows that this trend is global. According to it, 69% of Brazilians buy or boycott brands according to their positioning. We all want to see purpose.

We are finally seeing companies and large corporations as participating agents in society. ?We are all in the same boat. What I buy, use and consume must be aligned with who I am ?- this is the mindset.

We are committed with the future.

The pursuit to profit is an obvious scenario for any business, but while choosing how to do so, we also have to chose to build lasting institutions. We must understand that we have resources that can transform the world - for good and for bad. Without losing sight, of course, the needs of the individual and society.

Following this strand, 2Future thinks big, thinks beyond. We want to be agents of great transformations. We take on responsibility for using our resources for advancement, especially through technology.

To believe in a better future is to believe in the potential of people today. We believe in the law of return. We believe it is possible to age healthily. We believe that giving people credit is seeing dreams and opportunities unfolding. We believe in creating a safe online environment for everyone. We believe that data from space can help great leaders make big decisions. This is all within our reach through the companies we support.

We believe in the future. Our mission is to break down barriers, create markets, transform thoughts and develop new possibilities. It is believing that our actions today will have a positive and revolutionary impact tomorrow. This is our message for the future generations.

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