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Why sunscreen is the only anti-wrinkle product you shouldn’t stop using


As the largest organ in the human body, the skin plays a vitalrole in overall health maintenance and can reflect one’s internal health status.Along with serving as a protective barrier, our skin helps us maintain internaltemperature, sense surrounding stimuli, preserve hydration, and serve otherfunctions.

Preserving and showcasing healthy-looking skin has long been pursuedfor aesthetic reasons, but most people today realize that skincare also benefitsoverall health. Thus, technological advances are bringing an ever-increasingnumber of new skincare products on the market that help restore the youthfullook of the skin and protect it from environmental harm, especially the threatposed by the sun’s skin-damaging UV rays.  

The potential aesthetic and functional benefits of these newproducts have attracted significant investment into the skincare market, which hasbeen experiencing remarkable growth over the past few years with no signs ofslowing down. In 2024,the skincare market is projected to generate $186.6 billion in worldwide revenues.

Personalized skincare products have emerged as a significantdriver in this market, as advancements in biotechnology and data analyticsenable brands to offer highly customizable solutions. Sustainability playsa critical role, with consumers increasingly demanding eco-friendly packagingand ethically sourced ingredients. New formulation developments, likeretinoids, peptides, and hyaluronic acid products, are also helping to revolutionizethe industry.

Increasing consumer awareness and changing demographic trends are otherfactors behind the market’s vigorous expansion. In this context, sunscreenstands out among skincare products as an indispensable part of the dailyskincare routine. The expansion of the sunscreen market reflects a globalcommitment to sun safety and healthy skin. As awareness continues to grow andinnovations in sun protection advance, the market is poised for sustainedgrowth, ensuring that adequate and affordable sun protection continues to be apriority for consumers worldwide.


The future of the skincare market looks promising, with severaltrends poised to shape its trajectory. The integration between wellness andbeauty will continue to deepen, with products that promote holistic health expectedto see further increases in popularity. Innovations in delivery systems such as microencapsulation, transdermal patches, and products that act at the cellular evel will increase the effectiveness and experience of skincare products.

OneSkin, a 2Future portfolio Brazilian startup revolutionizing this process through biotechnology, has just launched a sunscreen for those looking for more than protection. OS-01 BODY SPF is a sunscreen powered by the proprietary OS-01 peptide, non-nano zinc oxide, and a blend of antioxidants.

This powerful combination makes OS-01 BODY SPF an ally against skin aging at the cellular level, preventing collagen loss and protecting against UV damage.

Products like this, which combine protection and treatment, a reincreasingly popular. With easy access to information through social media,blogs, and beauty influencers, consumers increasingly know the importance of caring for their skin. Studies show that up to 80% of the skin changes we associate with age are caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays. People who apply sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher daily show 24 percent less skin aging than those who do not.

Protection and treatment

Millennials and Gen Z

Younger generations, including millennials and Gen Z, invest in preventative skincare regimens earlier in life because they are better informed about skincare and sunscreen. Additionally, men’s demand for skincare productsis growing, reflecting a shift in cultural norms around male hygiene and self-care. Additionally, people of all skin tones are starting to recognize that everyone’s skin is susceptible to UV damage. This diversification of the consumer base is expanding the reach and potential of the market.

Younger people see skincare as a powerful expression of self-loveand self-care. It encompasses more than just physical benefits; it nourishes mentaland emotional well-being, boosts self-esteem, and promotes a more profoundsense of self-respect and acceptance.

By prioritizing skincare, you’re not just investing in yourappearance but also in your overall happiness and quality of life. Embrace yourskincare routine as a daily ritual of love and self-care and watch as ittransforms your skin and spirit.

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