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Learn how a high standard real estate property can become a good investment option


The real estate segment registered again a rise in launchings and sales in 12 months, something which had not happened since February, 2020. Despite the pandemic, the real estate market continues to grow; according to data from Abrainc, real estate projections grew 39% and real estate property sales increased in the first quarter of 2021, as compared to the same period last year, with distinction to medium and high standard properties.

Investment in a high standard real property is an alternative for purchasing a differentiated product in the market. QriarCity (formerly known as Qriar Engenharia) builds and develops properties with high standards in engineering and finish, thus reaching a greater local presence and continuously working to identify new opportunities.

Living in a privileged location, with quality of life, security and constructive details, so the high standard real estate properties projected by QriarCity may be defined. In order to attend to a niche of more demanding customers, QriarCity works with specific characteristics which go from the size of the property to the quality of the material employed in its construction and finish, thus providing a better life experience for consumers.

Secure investment

Currently, with the Selic tax at its lowest levels in history, the purchase of real estate properties became a more profitable and secure investment for the present scenario. In case the intention is purchasing a property to invest in the long term, opting for a high standard real estate one is a possibility of guaranteeing a good result after some years.

Being located in regions of high development, the investment shall have great potential to continue to stand out for a good time. With redemption of residential rent between 0.4% and 0.5% of the property value per month, the possibility of profitability gets close to 6% per year. This period could not be more beneficial for whomever desires a high standard real estate property to reside or to diversify one"s investments with security.

New perspectives

With the pandemic, the necessities of consumers have been transformed; in the real estate sector and in civil construction it has not been different. The routine of many people has been modified; with the necessity of social isolation a new reality has been imposed: the home office. With the perspective of working at home, it has been increasingly common that professionals opt for real estate properties with differentiated configurations. An exclusive environment for the office has been made necessary, besides having aroused the desire of more comfort and functionality at home.

Today places have become unified; whoever stayed little time at home before, has found at the family space, simultaneously, [both] a leisure and a working place. For that reason, for whomever spends a major part of the day at home, an option is high standard investment, since it shall provide unique experiences such as:

*     Finish and design especially created for the project;

*    Privileged addresses;

*     Constructive differentials;

*     Differentiated leisure infrastructure;

*     Security;

*     Residential automation.

Technologies and sustainability

The search for real estate properties which provide maximum comfort, though respecting natural resources, has grown in civil [construction] undertakings. Sustainable technologies are the new venture in high standard real estate properties. This innovation is allied to a new consumer profile, one who is more demanding and particular in one"s purposes, since there is a concern about the rational use of resources and [about] environmental balance.

For some years now civil construction has been attentive with diligences to generate less impacts on nature; for this reason, it has developed specific technologies which allows offor a high quality of life. Brazil is the fourth country with more sustainable constructions in the world, according to research made by the Green Building Council (USGBC).

Through a continuous high management support, QriarCity's team executes a wide gamut of projects and patterns aligned to demands from local markets, making use of policies which go from cleaning to energy efficiency, [and which are] implemented in all its portfolio.

Why invest in high standard real estate properties?

Due to the pandemic, whoever now wishes to invest in a property tends to think differently, since through social isolation a new perspective on patrimony has been created. The trend is to look for a place with an infrastructure which attends to all necessities. By analysing this context, people should keep their desire of purchasing a real estate property which serves as home as well as work place, and of greater financial security.

The right moment to invest depends much on the objective of each consumer and on how the property shall be redeemed. In the high standard real estate segment there are options of houses, apartments and lots at all price levels. In order that the purchase is really advantageous, it is necessary to be attentive to novelties in the market, besides accomplishing a financial planning. One alternative for investing in the purchase of a high standard real estate property is to profit by floor plan offers, thus paying a little less for the property. And after it is finished, the real estate property increases in value and the buyer may profit from the investment.

Real estate properties with a new configuration are a reflection of the moment we live in, and QriarCity is adapting itself to those new transformations.

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