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Biotechnology as an ally to delay skin aging


There has never been so much talk about skin care as in these last years. The skincare market is rising even within the present scenario, and that is because the consumer"s behavior has changed and today one is much more concerned about health and well-being as a way of self-caring and [acquiring] new habits in order to delay the aging process as well.

We are aging and we have increasingly pursued ways to combat signs left by time on our skin. According to the Brazilian Association of Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry - ABIHPEC, the skincare market in Brazil attained a growth of 1.1% in 2020. Whereas the volume of facial masks sales had an increase of 92.8% in comparison with the same period in 2019.

But that growth does not occur in Brazil only; according to the Grand View Research report, the global market for skincare products should reach up to US$ 196 billion until the end of 2024. Aging has turned into one of the most urgent challenges of the present day and OneSkin, a biotechnology startup which we invest in, works on combating the effects of that process on skin, acting at a molecular level in order to revert aging directly in senescent cells, which guarantees an improvement in health and longevity for the whole body.

New care routines

Habits acquired along the last years not only refer to care routines with the skin, but they are also practices directed to delaying aging in general; the adoption of healthier routines help to prevent diseases related to that process.

In Brazil, according to data by IBGE, it is estimated that until 2026 the number of people at 65 years [of age] reaches up to 58.2 million. Aging is a natural process of the human being, though not everyone lives through it in the same way and with the same health. Aging is a reflex of habits which each person acquires during one´s lifetime, someone might age precociously while another one might not.

OneSkin is creating a bridge between biotechnology and skin health, with products developed through years of research with triage of over a thousand peptides, in order to help people to age healthily, preventing marks from expression and diseases associated with aging. The major focus of the startup is not on offering fast or temporary solutions, but on promoting skin health in the long run and at a molecular level.

Biotechnology and skin longevity

Though it is not possible to nullify cellular aging, there are ways to mitigate the effects of that process and biotechnology is a great ally when it comes to extending skin longevity. The OS-01 Topical Supplement by OneSkin is the fruit of more than five years of study; the search for molecules started in 2017 and the OS-01 peptide was the biomolecule with the highest potential of action found to reduce the number of senescent cells.

The OS-01 was planned to improve skin health and resistance; the supplement is capable of rejuvenating and efficiently treating negative implications of aging, having as a result a firmer, smoother and stronger skin. Its formula has gone through tens of tests to confirm its security and efficiency. The topical supplement can reach the deepest layer of the skin in order to provide change from the inside out.

Benefits of the OS-01 supplement:

  • Less wrinkles and more protection;
  • Increase of skin firmness and strength;
  • Improvement of general function of the cell;
  • Renders a better texture to the skin;
  • Helps keeping a young and healthy skin;
  • Reduces loss of water and supports production of hyaluronic acid.

High efficiency products

The OS-01 Topical Supplement was officially launched in the American market in 2020 and OneSkin is working to expand the supplying of the product to other countries as well, so that elsewhere in the world people might combat skin aging with the highest efficiency biotechnology.

With a team of PhD longevity scientists and skin biologists, the startup"s proposal is to keep on optimizing the development of products, broadening its portfolio in order to go beyond the skin and impact the health of the whole body, providing a healthy aging.

Solutions developed today are the ones which shall have a positive and revolutionary impact on the lives of people tomorrow and, therefore, 2Future invests in and supports that startup. Meet OneSkin and learn more about the OS-01 Topical Supplement at its site www.oneskin.co/.

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